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Hammer Throwing Equipment & Gear

There are standard equipments and proper gear needed in hammer throwing, just like any other sport.

Although the sport was invented a long time ago, hammer throwing and the weight of the hammer itself were not standardized by the English until 1875.

The hammer used in hammer throwing was originally a sledgehammer weighing 7 to 24 pounds, with length ranging from .99 to 1.26 meters. There was also no limit as to how far the hammer can be thrown; the competitors may throw the hammer as far as they can. Today, hammer throwing requires athletes or participants to throw within a ring made from iron bands to ensure safety of officials and spectators.

It was in 1888 when the sledgehammer was replaced by hammer and a chain. Eventually, the chain was replaced with a wire. The modern hammer is made of steel ball not softer than brass and is attached to a steel wire with a single handle at the end. This steel ball is filled with lead.

Being such a technical and dangerous sport, proper gear and equipment are necessary not only to ensure safety but also to guarantee a better throwing performance. A good pair of throwing shoes is a must. Throwing shoes with rounded bottoms are suitable for the sport. A pair of throwing gloves is also important not only to protect your hands but to have better grip on the hammer. You can decide which kind of gloves you’re most comfortable wearing; it can be thick leather gloves for better protection, or it can be a made of thinner material so you can have a better feel or grip on the handle of the hammer.

Choosing the correct gear is essential to hammer throwing as it can affect throwing performance.