Hammer Throwing: An Overview

Hammer throwing is one of the most exciting sports in history. Serious physical strength is required for hammer throwers to win. Let’s admit it, the dangers the sport entails also make it more thrilling to watch.

Aside from the thrills and excitement hammer throwing brings, it also has a rich history which is believed to have started in around 2000 BC, in England. Hammer throw officially became a part of sports competitions in Ireland, Scotland and England in 1866. It has been recognized as a part of the Olympic Games in 1900. Hammer throwing for women, on the other hand, was added to the Olympics a hundred years after that.

The sport has, of course, evolved since its discovery. Nonetheless, its popularity remains unchanged, if not increased.

Yes, strong contenders are needed to be able to do hammer throws. Strong grip is also an important factor in hammer throwing. Aside from these, intense mental focus is also required. While these are common elements are also needed in many sports, hammer throwing is unlike any other sport. It is highly technical because factors such as endurance, speed, balance, and timing are also essential for the perfect throw to be executed. It’s very hard to predict who will deliver the best throw and win. Strength alone does not guarantee victory.

Hammer throwing can be very dangerous that’s why the sport is performed inside a circle made of iron band with a diameter of 2.135m. The hammer’s length and weight is different for men and women. Men’s hammers weigh 16 pounds and are 121.5cms in length while women’s hammers are 8.8 pounds and are 119.5cms long. The thrower with the farthest throw within 34.92 degrees wins.

Even just from an audience’s perspective, it’s easy to see that the sport is no joke and is definitely not easy. Just throwing an average-weighing object as far as you can is a challenge; imagine how hard it is to throw a 16-pound steel ball with correct speed, perfect balance, and accurate timing to ensure distance. The difficulty of hammer throwing makes it understandable why the sport gains popularity through the years.

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