Hammer Throwing Versus Weight Throwing

Hammer throwing and weight throwing are two of the most popular sports classified in the track and field category. Hammer throwing has been a part of the Olympics for years now. The weight throw, however, is a variation of hammer throwing and is more popularly played in the United States.

Since weight throwing was derived from hammer throwing, there are some likenesses between them. One or their sameness is the aim or goal of the sports. If you are a hammer or weight thrower, your main goal is to throw the hammer (for hammer throwing) or weight (for weight throwing) as far as you can. Another factor that makes these sports similar is the technique or method used in performing them, which generally involves spinning on the same spot with the intent of intensifying the force and establishing momentum prior to the throw through the use of velocity. The elements you need to achieve an excellent throw in hammer and weight throwing is typically the same. You need to have specific skill to be able to demonstrate an outstanding throw such as great balance, superior coordination, as well as significant strength.

Even though these sports are similar in many ways, hammer throwing and weight throwing have some distinct differences, too, which is why it’s unsurprising that some people interchange these two sports events.

So, what are the distinction between weight throwing and hammer throwing?

One of the major differences of hammer throwing and weight throwing is the venue or location where the competition for each one of the sports is held. Hammer throwing is an activity that requires to be held outdoors because of the wide area it calls for. Weight throwing, on the other hand, may be organised indoors and can be considered as an indoor sport.

The hammer and weight that has to be thrown for hammer throwing and weight throwing respectively also differ in mass and appearance. The hammer for men’s hammer throwing competition weighs 16 pounds, while the weight for men’s weight throwing is 35 pounds. For female throwing competitions, though, the hammer weighs 8.82 pounds, whereas the weight weighs 20 pounds. The hammer and weight also has different appearances. The hammer is a heavy ball attached to a long wire, while the weight is attached to a chain.

Since each of these sports has to be performed in different locations, there are differences in the challenges faced during actual throwing. Hammer throwing is done outdoors, so wind or air resistance as well as weather conditions may affect the thrower’s performance.

These are just some of the differences and similarities between hammer throwing and weight throwing. No matter their differences, it’s evident that these sports are among the favourite ones across the many countries, still being kept alive and played today.

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