Hammer Throw Technique

A Look At Youri Sedykh’s Technique

When the right leg starts its motion, the hammer is at its low point next to the left foot. The forward bend causes the hammer to sweep through a larger arc. At the moment the right foot touches the ground, the shoulder axis is perpendicular to the axis of the hammer and the stretched arms.

In the transition into the 2nd turn the hammer head is again at its low point between the toes. Notice the perfect position of the trunk as against the hammer head and the gradual straightening of the trunk.

In the transition into the third turn the body is almost fully erect. Note also Sedykh’s perfect relaxation, the shoulder axis is moving almost simultaneously with the pelvis axis. A perfect delivery from the left foot, the arms following through as long and as high as possible. The follow through action being done on a very long arc.

The same attempt when seen in the throw axis. Note the line, hammer head, left toe, hips, shoulders, head everything thrown markedly to the left unlike traditional techniques. This line is maintained even at the moment the left foot lands on the ground.

The bending forward is especially pronounced in the transition into the 2nd turn. At the moment of the right foot push in the one support phase the hammer head is at head level. The shoulder and pelvis axis are parallel, the hammer is being pulled down and its velocity thereby increased.

The hammer head is at the level of the right foot, the arm’s axis almost at the centre of the breast both arms perfectly stretched out.

The forward bend is straightened out the hammer is far back without reducing the trajectory of the hammer head the athlete is ready for the power stroke. In the power stroke the impetus comes from the right foot. The delivery ends the action of the powerful back muscles.

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